Calsonic club about us



In 1949, Lord Nuffield, owner of the Morris Radiators factory donated the land to enable the social club to be established. Lord Nuffield believed that the workers should have a place they could relax and socialise in so commissioned the building of the club. Initially the club was for workers of the factory and their family only, however due to significant demand the club began to allow guests to attend the venue. This led to the social club being the talk of the town and people would travel from all over in order to attend the venue.

In 1987 the factory rebranded to Llanelli Radiators limited, this mean that the social club also rebranded to the Llanelli Radiators Sports and Social Club in order to comply with the factories wishes. The most recent rebrand of the club came in 2002 when Calsonic Kansei Europe plc took over from Llanelli Radiators limited.


Now the Calsonic Kansei Sports and Social Club, we are committed to being a venue that can serve the community. We pride ourselves on being a venue that can cater for everyone, live entertainment every Saturday and Sunday, a large function room which can cater for a number of different functions.